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On being needy

20. Februar 2014

[by Asisa] Some things in life seem too hard to accept. So hard that it is actually impossible to see them. They hide for years, suppressed and dreaded. And then, eventually, and seemingly out of the blue, we face them without much pain or fear, speak them out and make our peace with them. What seemed the scariest thing to look at before, now fills us with relief and peace.

One of these truths is the answer to the question why we won’t get what we long for the most when we are needy.

When we are needy, the chemistry between us and the people around us changes. This change in chemistry affects every nature of our relationships: Friendships, romantic relationships, marriages — in short: each relation we have with every living being in our lives. Being needy means focussing on the outside instead of acknowledging the richness within ourselves.

People step back and take distance. This is not because they are heartless, fair-weather friends, false, not loving or not caring. It is because nobody wants to be close to a needy person. We want to be close to people who love themselves, who are strong, and inspiring.

Strong, self-loving and inspiring people always nurture themselves from within themselves. Never from anywhere externally.

The key to stop this lack of balance always lies within oneself and never in the outside. Just like any source of true and sustainable joy, peace, soulfood, progress, success and happiness always and only lies within ourselves.

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