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Give a fuck

2. August 2014

Preventing depression: Give a fuck

[by Asisa] Giving zero fucks is le dernier cri at the moment. Which is a good thing when it comes to dealing with toxic people whose only goal is to turn others down. Unfortunately giving zero fucks is also becoming a common way to deal with other issues that might appear as nerve-racking negativity but actually is a clear hint for something different. A cry for help. A cry that does suffocated as „negativity“ is becoming a diffuse term used in areas where it actually doesn’t fit at all.

‚Don’t be an asshole‘ is the fantastic claim of LA based Jennifer Pastiloff. I have heard and read it so often, that it accompagnies me every day. Don’t be an asshole echos back in my head whenever I see people behaving like assholes and whenever I see myself behaving like an asshole. You know your inner asshole better than anyone else. There are countless ways that make us humans be assholes, even, when we usually are the sweetset creatures. So why not try this: Feel inspired to suffocate your asshole and make others breathe by giving a fuck. Giving a fuck by being a good friend. Give a fuck by being kind to everyone you will meet today. Repeat tomorrow. Give a fuck by controlling your ego. Give a fuck by taking good care for yourself.

And: Give a fuck by listenening very carefully.

Start by listening to the people around you. We must listen very very closely to the people in our lives. By that I mean attention, care and giving them what they need, not what we think is good for them. „How are you“ must be a real question because it is the key to a door that must always stay open. Very often people will not give honest answers. They don’t want to bother. They are afraid of being too much.  This is why we must listen very carefully to their spoken and unspoken words.

Speaking, talking, exchanging — having regular real, candid dialogues — is a core ingredient for a healthy emotional life.

Depression really is one of the — if not the — most horrible diseases on Earth. Love & care its antivenom. Love and care means having a real, genuine, human, interpersonal, offline contact with the people in our lives, whether they are friends, family, partners or „just“ aquaintances. Even the woman in the shop you visit every now and then needs the contact with you. She needs it to stay emotionally healthy.

The more we are getting lost staring at our mobile devices, the more we are getting lost in a world that cannot substitute real contact. We do feel in contact. But we aren’t. Our emotional health recognizes and will give its feedback sooner or later. Feeling disconnected, not „really here“, sad without any reason and of course lonely are clear hints that you need to talk, open up, reconnect — with yourself and this world. Its nature and its people. This live of ours really is bloody short. What sounds like a phrase it the blatant truth. Live it. And if you feel you need more than love and care from the people around you, go and get yourself help!

Farewell Mister Robin Williams, farewell sweet and much-loved soul.

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